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THE Approach

Your personal or business brand identity is your dream’s character! It is all about the feelings, the details, the storytelling, the small gestures, the client behavior, the colors, the aesthetics, the vision that you offer – besides your accounting services or a cup of coffee. That’s why we are dedicated to creating unique personalized brands that not only sell but also engage, educate, inspire!

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Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou

Architect Engineer, Designer, Entrepreneur

Best Services

Main Services We’re Providing

Unlock the potential of your project with us!

Full Logotype Suite

Variations, Colours, Typography
Designing a custom branded logotype suite based on your scope, competition, industry, specific needs and future target.

Visual Identity

Guidelines and Framework
Creating a unique and memorable visual representation that encapsulates your brand character and personality.

Brand Consultation 1:1

Strategy, Documents, Guides
Unlock your dreams with personalized consultation, to realize your bespoke concepts within budget, timeline, values.

Collateral Brand Material

Business Cards, Labels, Brochures
Developing supplementary materials to promote, empower and reinforce your Brand's purpose consistently & efficiently!

Brand Copywriting

Documents, Guides, Toolkit
Defining the language and communication style that resonates with your audience, ensuring consistency across all channels.

Brand Strategy

Analysis, Documents, Guides
Creating a roadmap for your Brand, encompassing mission, vision, target audience and competitive positioning.

Web Design & Development

UI/UX, Website, Eshop
Crafting a compelling online identity through fresh responsive user-friendly tailored and adaptive website/eshop.

Product Packaging

Mockups and Prototypes
Designing packaging that not only protects but also enhances and delivers the value of your products, aligned with your Brand!

standard & premium packages

Our Branding Bundles

Find your best fit and book us TODAY, or contact us for a custom proposal!
"Brand It Up"
from 450€

"Brand It Up"


  • 120' Consultation 1:1
  • Competition Analysis
  • Full Logotype Suite
  • Business Card & Leaflet Design
  • Full Social Media Review
"Good Business"
from 3000€

"Good Business"


  • 240' Consultation 1:1
  • Full Competition Analysis
  • Full Logotype Suite
  • Visual Identity
  • Collateral Material
  • Brand Copywriting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Strategy
"Brand Consultation 1:1"
from 300€

"Brand Consultation 1:1"


  • Questionnaire
  • Research & Analysis
  • 120' Consultation 1:1
  • Strategy Document


Benefits Working With Us

Choose Πáli Architexture, for good collaboration and good design project values!

Tailored Solutions

We understand your unique vision, needs, and preferences, to design according to your style and purpose.


We can work with you 1:1 and use our design thinking to help you curate your very own dreamy project!

Client Relations

We educate and support you on design, process and business topics to make you feel safe and empowered.


We believe in a collaborative approach, involving you in all steps needed to ensure the final result.

Attention to Detail

We sweat the small stuff for you, from the selection of materials to potential risks, trying to achieve perfection.

Virtual Experiences

We give you the opportunity to virtually experience your design concepts and visualize them before construction!


We are passionate about staying at the forefront of design trends, technology and news worldwide for your projects!


We are committed to eco-friendly, biophilic, green design with good practices for energy efficiency.

We Shape Good Business.

Together for your dreams & needs to sculpt immersive brands with unique characters and identities. Welcome aboard!
Strategic Planning
Business Clients
Unique Handmade Design
Competition Analysis
Holistic Experiences
Virtual Presentations

We are commonly asked this question; A typical project we can execute varies widely based on your unique needs and goals. We’ve worked on a diverse range of projects, from residential interiors and architectural studies to commercial branding and creative management. We are here for you to discuss your specific vision and requirements and tailor our proposal to your individual objectives.

The investment required for our design services varies depending on the specific needs and scope of your project. For our services’ categories we provide both standard packages and custom quotes tailored to each project, to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Let’s discuss your project in more detail.

Our brand consultation is the cornerstone of a successful project. It’s a comprehensive discussion where we delve deep into your design aspirations, business, and project objectives. During this consultation, we listen attentively to your ideas, desires, and any specific requirements you may have. It lays the foundation for a collaborative and customized approach aiming for results beyond expectations.

For new projects, there is a free 15′ discovery call. If you want to move on before booking a bundle, a paid consultation will dive into your specific case and provide you with a custom fully detailed design proposal contract (this fee is not applied to returning customers or direct confirmed referrals).

Professional consultation from us as experts is ideal for you to ask questions, receive real tailored answers, get over any doubts and form a strategy for your financial situation, without harming the project’s timeline. It is the first step towards bringing your dream to life, requiring the minimum financial investment!

We can provide a range of deliverables according to your needs and budget:

For Brand Architecture and Development Projects

Brand Consultation, Brand Strategy Document, Brand Architecture, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Guidelines, Brand Messaging, Brand Storytelling, Competition Analysis, Full Logotype Suite Design, Visual Identity, Custom Pattern Design, Collateral Materials, Packaging Design, Digital Assets, Website Design, Website Development, Social Media Profiles, Content Creation, Email Templates, Invoice Templates, Marketing Mock-ups, Trainings, Workshops.

Payment models can vary depending on your project’s scope, complexity, and preferences. Due to our experience and values we have transparent financial procedures, charging with hourly rates or flat fees and with two ways of payment: (a) upfront payment or (b) % deposit and up to three installments.

In every partially paid collaboration, clients need to place a % deposit (arranged between both parties) of the total project’s investment, to book their priority within our workflow and allow us to provide them with our best deliverables (we arrange our deals with a fully descriptive contract signed by both parties).

Our physical location is in the South Suburbs of Athens (GR), but our e-design business operates virtually, which means we have the capability to work with clients from anywhere in the world. Regardless of your location, we’re here to provide you with top-notch design services, ensuring your project vision comes to life seamlessly! Book us and you will discover yourself in the best way!

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