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Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou, CEO

Dipl. Sustainable Architect Engineer & Designer

Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou bio photo

Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou is a Dipl. Sustainable Architect Engineer & Designer, an eligible member of SADAS PEA (Association of Graduate School Architects – Panhellenic Union of Architects) and TCG (Technical Chamber of Greece).

She holds an IMs from School of Engineering, University of Patras Department of Architecture, has been educated on IT Software Development and currently specializes in Sustainable Artificial Intelligence for Architecture at Gritnova Global Campus.

As a former Project Manager for Building Energy Efficiency Projects at EMTECH, she managed European ESG programs and successfully delivered the business plan for Building Monitoring & Energy Efficiency Cutting-edge SaaS product (accepted in egg – enter•grow•go accelerator).

She has produced several individual multidisciplinary research projects and has been through all the professional stages in various work environments with a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. She has helped dozens of people all over the world, to pursue sustainably and profitably their passion and she is part of Greek Women of the World Mentors at Women On Top.

Aliki Ioanna Papapetrou has been trained/mentored by STARTABEQUALL Women Founders and MakersWomentors, 100mentors organizations and more. She has participated in hundreds of seminars, workshops, trainings, conferences, workshops and events, with more than 10 years of activism in business, social, humanistic, environmental and design communities.

Recently she has established Form Follows Fantasy Community, the No1 Sustainable Design & Business Community based on sustainable practices, good collaborations, ethical partnerships, human empowerment and proper business mindset education. Her work code is Transparency-Involvement-Discipline because, above all, she believes in the power of self-motivation and self-growth as the key to a happy life.

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