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    Our Benefits

    Why Choose Us?

    Because Waste Is Foolish.

    Tailored Solutions

    We understand your unique vision, needs and preferences, to design according to your style and purpose.


    We can work with you 1:1 and use our design thinking to help you curate your very own dreamy project!

    Client Relations

    We educate and support you on design, process and business topics to make you feel safe and empowered.


    We believe in a collaborative approach, involving you in all steps needed to ensure that the final result.

    Attention to Detail

    We sweat the small stuff for you, from the selection of materials to potential risks, trying to achieve perfection.

    Virtual Experiences

    We give you the opportunity to virtually experience your design concepts and visualize them before construction!


    We are passionate about staying at the forefront of design trends, technology and news worldwide for your projects!


    We are committed to eco-friendly, biophilic, green design with good practices for energy efficiency.


    Creative Design Thinking
    Sustainable & Good Practices
    Innovative Approach
    Multidisciplinary Knowledge
    Industry Knowledge & Trends
    Partnerships & Network

    We take in Transformation Projects on Strategic Sustainable Design & Growth Business Solutions. We mainly collaborate with Investors, Developers, Designers, Brands & Private Clients who want to design for the Future, grow in Business and achieve their goals. Sustainable Resorts & Villas, Green Commercial Design, Business Ideas & Brand Development are our current topics.

    The investment required for our services on our client’s integration to the Digital Era and the Sustainable Mindset varies depending on their specific needs and scope. Booking the suitable initial Consultation Bundle, we dive into one’s project holistically, form a strategy and provide custom tailored quotes.

    For new projects, there is a free 15′ discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work together and then a paid Consultation.

    Our Consultation is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration, ensuring the alignment of our practices to our clients’ scope overview. It’s a comprehensive discussion where we delve deep into client’s project objectives. It lays the foundation for a collaborative and customized approach aiming to results beyond expectations.

    Professional Consultation from us as experts is ideal for clients who know their needs and desires and want to communicate their data and thoughts, ask questions, receive tailored answers, get over any doubts and form a solid Strategy.

    We can provide a range of deliverables according to your needs and budget:

    For Good Design Projects

    Design Consultation, Preliminary Design Reports, Sketches, Moodboards, Infographics, Collages, Catalogues, Site Analysis and Landscape Design, Architectural Drawings & Layouts, Site Analysis, Walkability/ Accessibility and Universal Design, Energy-Efficient & Passivhaus Building Study, Waste Reduction and Recycling Strategies, Resilient and Climate-Responsive Design,  Renewable Energy Integration Plans, Environmental Impact Statements, Energy Modelling and Simulation, Green Building Certifications, Life Cycle Assessments, Green Building Certification, Sustainable Lifestyle Guides, Smart Technology Integration Reports, 3D Renderings, Walk-Through videos, 360 Views, VR 360 Tours, Direction, Curation, Event Staging.

    For Good Business Projects

    All the above plus: Business Consultation, Business Plan, Feasibility Studies, Product/Service Idea Development, Audit Reports, Strategic Brand Development & Material, Digital Assets, Website Design & Development, Social Media Development, Business & Brand Templates, Business Presentations & Pitch Decks, Corporate Educational Workshops and Training Programs, Post-Occupancy Evaluations.

    Payment models can vary depending on project’s scope, complexity and timeline. Due to our experience and values we have transparent financial procedures, charging by hourly rates on upfront payment or flat fees with payment models.

    In every  long-term collaboration Clients place a non-refundable deposit (arranged between both parties) of the total project’s investment, to book their priority within our workflow. The deal is sealed with a comprehensive descriptive contract signed between all parties involved.

    Our physical location is in the South Suburbs of Athens (GR), but our e-business operates virtually, working with clients all over the world. Regardless of your location, we’re here to provide you with top-notch services, ensuring your project vision comes to life seamlessly! Book us and you will find out yourself in the best way!

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