Anima Animus

Conceptual visual design for ethical workers of Anima Animus, an independent clothing brand specializing in unisex, sustainably driven fashion! We designed a campaign about their ethical workers and culture, supporting good sustainable business! *all content copyrights belong respectfully to Anima Animus* 

Embarking on the conceptual visual design project for Anima Animus, with a focus on their ethical workers and sustainable culture, presented both creative and ethical challenges. One significant hurdle was striking the right balance between showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and maintaining a visually compelling narrative. The challenge lay in ensuring that the ethical message did not overpower the aesthetic appeal of the fashion.

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Navigating the intricacies of portraying the workers authentically while avoiding stereotypes was another challenge. The goal was to celebrate the individuals behind the brand without veering into tokenism or diminishing their contributions. Ensuring a genuine representation of the ethical work environment within the confines of a visual campaign required careful consideration and artistic finesse.

An ethical fashion brand’s identity relies heavily on transparency. Communicating the journey from sourcing materials to the manufacturing process posed a challenge in finding a visual language that conveyed the complexities of sustainability without overwhelming the audience with information.

Project Challenges & Milestones

In overcoming challenges and achieving these milestones, the conceptual visual design project for Anima Animus became a powerful tool in amplifying the brand’s dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion. It not only showcased the aesthetics of the clothing but also emphasized the values and stories that make Anima Animus a true pioneer in conscientious design.


The first milestone was achieved in developing a visual storytelling approach that seamlessly blended the brand's sustainable practices with the daily lives of its ethical workers. Through carefully curated imagery, the campaign conveyed not just a product but a narrative of conscious craftsmanship, emphasizing the connection between the artisans and the garments they create.

Interactive Workforce

An innovative milestone was the development of interactive profiles for ethical workers. This allowed customers to delve deeper into the stories of the people behind the brand. By incorporating multimedia elements such as behind-the-scenes and inspiration, the campaign transcended the traditional boundaries of fashion marketing, fostering a sense of connection and transparency.


A crucial milestone involved the visualization of the brand's impact metrics. Creating infographics and visual representations of Anima Animus' eco-friendly practices, from sustainable sourcing to reduced carbon footprint, enabled consumers to grasp the tangible positive contributions of their purchase decisions. This not only educated the audience , but also reinforced the brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

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